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analysis the problems of supermarket food wrap packaging

The supermarket is using large variety of packaging materials, especially plastic packaging as much. In recent years, people’s environmental awareness growing, commodity packaging is environmentally friendly and beneficial to the health of the rising demand, which most manufacturers also have given high priority. But now some are still using plastic packaging products to meet the safety and environmental protection, while some supermarkets offer to the customer is still toxic plastic bags, brought to the consumer’s health risks.
PVC cling film: a microwave oven in the “killer” on the supermarket shelves, covered with plastic wrap many commodities, in general, the majority of packaging used are “linear low density polyethylene” (LLD-PE) and polyethylene (PE) materials. Cling film with these two materials can be used safely. However, some goods with plastic wrap used polyvinylchloride (PVC) material to do, it is unsafe.
PVC is a hard plastic, to pull it into a soft transparent plastic wrap, manufacturers are bound to add a lot of plasticizer to make it soften. If these plasticizers phosphorus, potassium, lead and harmful substances, then wrapped in PVC cling film on the cooked food will harm the invisible. Especially in case of more food containing fat, plasticizers more easily released and deeply penetrate the depths of the food. Many families use the microwave when hot, like in Monte-sized layer of plastic wrap, if you use PVC cling film, long years, will give you and your family’s health cause irreparable damage.
Degradation of PVC will melt at 120 ℃, quietly and emit toxic gases — chlorine. If you find a microwave oven will have a pungent odor, it is probably the chlorine and other impurities, “came out” alert.
So, pay attention to the following points when buying plastic wrap:
1.Look, if marked on the carton wrap “PVC” or “PVC”, does not recommend buying them;
2;Touch, wrap safe material, good flexibility, attached to the food, sized tight and thin, hard pull, you can also keep a long pull, and PVC cling film is not so obedient, and solid feel partial thickness, poor elasticity; three burned, cut a piece of plastic wrap with fire, PVC is not easy burning, a burning plastic have an unpleasant odor, LLD-PE or PE are easily burned, smells like candles taste.
Bowl: Carefully hidden foam plastic bowl I found in supermarkets, convenience bowl of bowl marked “PS” or “PP”. PS and PP are the “PS” and “PP” are safe, can be assured. To guard against the foam bowl, this bowl looks loose material, containing a large number of bubbles, because the foam blowing agent laced up, if ammonia compounds contains a foaming agent, a bubble will escape out of the water, very harmful to humans. Add to bowl and what specific manufacturers blowing agent, from the outside is not apparent.
“PTFE” non-stick: buy used should be mindful
Now, many families use non-stick cooking food, it is the reason why “non-stick” because the pot is coated with a layer called “Teflon” thing, and this may also be the case of plastic material category. If the product comes from a small workshop facilities are not complete, it is possible to sneak in this layer “plastic” in fluoride monomer, a heat release, which was detrimental. Large supermarkets sell non-stick pan, natural unlikely to be “poison pot.” But the “Teflon” If heated to above 400 ℃ will decompose **** out of “PTFE” but highly toxic gas.
Non-stick pan, rice cooker inner wall will be painted this plastic, so be careful that, do not dry pan over the fire, otherwise, their own kitchen out of a “gas bombs” no joke.
Bulk Shopping preferred white plastic bag “Food Sanitation Law” on food packaging has a clearly defined, food bags only use a certain thickness of colorless product, any color plastic bags are not directly bloom food, because those colors most plastic bags are recycled with a syringe and plastic bottles made of renewable, does not comply with food hygiene requirements. The color reproduction with food packaging bags, bags of harmful substances into the food will go, or method of heating and washed with generally indelible.
Next to the supermarket counter stocked with fresh fruit and a roll of plastic bags are mostly self-created style milky white polypropylene done, if not dirty, can be safely used to hold food. To the supermarket to buy food as much as possible, if only to the jolly, promote the use of the basket, otherwise try requires stores to provide a white or colorless, transparent plastic bag.

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