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Carbonated Beverage Production Equipment




ASG is the Carbonated Beverage Production Equipment manufaturers and suppliers,we provide a wide range of Carbonated Beverage Production Equipment

Carbonated Beverage Production Equipment
Drinks refers to water as a basic raw material, produced by different formulations and manufacturing process for people drink directly. In addition to providing water, because it contains varying amounts of sugar, acid, milk, sodium, fat, energy and various amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and other nutrients in the different types of beverages, so there are certain nutrients.

Enjoy natural drink, enjoy healthy life


All kinds of drink in supermarkets, stores, can be found in a comprehensive solution in Jiangsu ASG Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu ASG Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd provides comprehensive packaging solutions: relative to a single equipment, we pursue the turn key production line of liquid products “aggregate” efficiency and capacity; relative to a single production line, we focus on covering most of the beverage plant design and integration.

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