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Competitive packaging machines need to keep up with the development needs of the community

Now most of the domestic packaging machinery industry or in a stand-alone package based, with the development of domestic enterprises Packaging Machinery far failed to meet the market demand, but domestic packaging machinery is still in phase counterfeit foreign products, packaging machinery industry caused confusion in the market, as the market changes in demand for packaging machinery will be pulled farther and farther.
With the world economic system to labor productivity as the main mode of production model has been unable to meet the development needs of existing businesses and the development of mechanized production has been accepted by many companies and use the growing packaging industry also need to have a lot of machinery equipment to meet its production, which promotes the development of packaging machinery.
However, the uneven development of the domestic packaging machinery industry, automation, intelligent production equipment in short supply, as a whole is lagging behind the development of China’s packaging machinery, a certain lack of development of the industry standard.
Throughout the packaging machinery industry as a whole, we found insufficient overall technological level of domestic packaging machinery to keep up with the needs of society, not leading equipment manufacturers. Coupled with the industry’s development plan is not perfect, the lack of appropriate government macro-control, resulting in the development of the domestic packaging machinery is relatively backward.
Look at the world’s advanced countries of packaging machinery, packaging machinery manufacturing fully reflects the network, green, precision, flexible, and intelligent features such as globalization; this development with a strong characteristics of the times, focusing on science and technology applications, so that they continue to introduce new leading packaging machinery.
Due to fierce competition in the market, prompting packaging machinery companies continue to adjust the industrial structure, improve the technological level of R & D capacity, improve product replacement rate. Competition will follow the survival of the fittest, so it can abandon those poor enterprises, promotion of domestic packaging machinery industry toward healthy wears development.
Living in this competitive era, we do not want to be social outcasts must strive to move forward. Therefore, China’s packaging machinery companies are actively involved in the competition for the future development of struggling for outstanding efforts in the industry.

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