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Development of good food packaging machinery industry standard needs to be improved

With Chinese increasing openness, Chinesefood packaging machinery will further open international markets, the proportion of the market is also heavier. But behind the high-speed development, there are still some problems, especially in Chinese food packaging machinery market standard service system is not perfect, to be further strengthened. Experts suggest that to speed up the product quality standard system, time tracking, and grasp the situation of foreign advanced standards, accelerate the improvement of national standards.
Good food packaging machinery development
Food and packaging machinery industry as the food industry to provide equipment for industrial, formed in the late 1970s and early 1980s, after 80 years of rapid development, the rapid growth of the 1990s, through the introduction, digestion and absorption, domestic production, has into restructuring, upgrading product quality, enhance innovation capability critical period.
July 2013, the month of food packaging machinery industry export delivery value of 500 million yuan, an increase of 9.82% year on year growth, the chain fell 35.88 percent, fell by a big margin. 1-7 months, food packaging machinery industry achieved a total export delivery value of 3.516 billion yuan, the cumulative growth rate of 8.73 percent year on year, exports to maintain steady and rapid growth.
The past eight years, food and development of China’s packaging machinery manufacturing industry has been showing good momentum of development, product sales and other indicators soared to an average of 18 percent annual growth rate. From the second half of 2008, despite the international financial crisis, but China’s food and packaging machinery manufacturing industry still maintained a rising trend state.
Industry standards should be improved
Standardization of Chinese food machinery and equipment net Invited experts: Chinese packaging industry market is huge and broad development prospects. However, because of the limitations of the packaging equipment industry, the country is packing a big country, not the packaging powerhouse. Reflected in the standard of the packaging equipment industry there is a big gap with foreign countries.
It effects the development of Chinese packaging industry greatly. The rapid development of economic globalization, making China the urgent need for an international perspective, to learn foreign advanced standards, as soon as possible in line with overseas standards. There are tens of thousands of worldwide standardization documents, mainly based on the standard criteria include five categories: technical standards, manufacturing process standards, quality control standards, test method standards, process management standards, China should learn from the packaging equipment industry standardization benefit China promote beneficial to enhance Chinese printing equipment manufacturing enterprises scientific management level, the level of participation in the international division of labor standards and the development of high-tech level.
For these five basic criteria, you can take part using advanced foreign product standards to improve China’s packaging equipment industry threshold, learn the use of foreign advanced technology and equipment standards to improve Chinese packaging industry efficiency, vigorously using foreign advanced standards to improve the quality of Chinese packaging equipment reliability, reasonable use of foreign advanced equipment testing standards to improve Chinese packaging industry digital Management, scientific process using advanced foreign standards to improve the level of China’s packaging equipment practitioners, along with product standards, process standards. Effective implementation of quality standards, testing standards and procedures standards inevitably effectively enhance Chinese packaging equipment industry.
Active in standardization work
Practice has proved that: no high standard, there is no big brands. Not only aimed at the domestic advanced standard of the standard, but also to international rules aimed at integration. The current primary task:
First, actively promote the standardization of food and packaging machinery. According to market demand, improve the food and packaging machinery base standards, methods standards, safety standards, health standards, management standards; improve the quantity and quality of product standards. Planned cooperation industrial food machinery Standardization Technical Committee, the National Standardization Technical Committee on Food packaging machinery, focusing on arrangements for industry and member of the key enterprises in key product development of standards, industry forces organizations to carry out standardization work.
Second, the active use of foreign advanced standards. In scientific research and new product design, encourages the use of ISO series of standards, EN series of standards and advanced standards of developed countries to promote food and packaging machinery more technical equipment in line with international practice health and safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on.
The third is to strengthen the implementation and promotion of advanced standards efforts. Screening of enterprise technology and products are important to enhance the role of standards, through training courses, technical seminars and other forms of enterprise organization Publicizing to improve the technological content of corporate research and product design level.
Summary: with economic development, economic competition has become increasingly international, competitive enterprise’s performance as a standard to compete in some way. International standards have become part of the international trade rules of the game, becoming important criteria for the evaluation of product quality. Because of the special status of standards in trade, foreign countries and regions, especially in the standardization of economic activity, do everything possible to fight for leadership and voice.
China has become the contemporary world after Germany, Japan and other countries the packaging equipment industry a big country, but also from the packaging equipment industry powerhouse far, our country wants to be the pace of the development of the packaging equipment industry must keep packing a big country, and the enterprises should active learning foreign advanced standards, the relevant departments should refer to foreign countries, to develop a more rigorous, more suited to the condition of the new standards, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

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