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Intelligent food packaging machinery manufacturing industry will become the main trend

In order to meet market competition in recent years, Chinese food machinery manufacturing industry is undergoing significant change, such as mass production to market or customer requirements by changing flexible production, design and control systems independently to design and control system integration companies one change, in a place of production to global sourcing, production shift manufacturing plant for quality, cost, efficiency, and safety requirements are also rising, it is foreseeable that these changes will promote the development and application of automation technology into new development stage.
Demographic dividend payable to disappear Intelligent Manufacturing
Since the reform and opening up, Chinese economy has maintained 30 years of rapid development, and human resources are – the liberation of labor productivity is closely related to the demographic dividend has become an important source of economic growth has created a miracle in China. However, with the changing demographics of our country in recent years, and corporate labor shortage, recruitment difficulties phenomenon occurs, the demographic dividend brought by the cheap labor is gradually disappearing, we need to adjust timely and scientific human resources policies, human resources exploration the new route development, to promote sustained and stable economic growth provided a strong impetus.
End of argument about the demographic dividend is talking more since last year, in fact for businesses prominent feeling is significantly improved labor costs, plus meet the long-term development of high-tech talent is hard to find, turned toward the goal intelligent machinery manufacturing has become the first choice. “Intelligent machining on both accuracy and yield a clear advantage for the development direction in personalized custom equipment manufacturing equipment it has a natural advantage. Course, we also welcome to join the high-tech talent level, after all, this is the future core competitiveness of enterprises. ”
Appear intelligent manufacturing machinery technology and equipment, triggering the public about the pros and cons of traditional industrial production and future thinking. With the promotion of intelligent manufacturing technologies and smart devices increasingly recognized and utilized in social production, it has been widely recognized that intelligence is superior to traditional industrial machinery and equipment, which will replace a wide range of traditional industrial production is irreversible in the future.
The advent of intelligent manufacturing machinery and equipment sought
Increasingly automated food packaging machinery, automation and robotics technology as the most competitive technology, robotics applications in the packaging industry at a rapid pace in the past five years from 9.5% to 17.4%, almost doubled. Robot appeared in almost all of the functional areas of packaging, especially in palletizing, packing, and pick / place fields are the most common.
Recently saw China Food Machinery network Propak Packaging Exhibition in Shanghai Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd. Shanghai show FANUC robots. For food packaging production line developed economical high-speed handling bottled beverage product line to help customers reduce costs, FANUCM-710iC/50H Packing high-speed robotic system, the fastest crawling beat up to 50 beats / min, corresponding gripper configuration , may correspond to a variety of products in the food industry, packing greatly reduce the labor intensity of the production process and improves the stability of the packing.
With intelligent manufacturing machinery technology to continue to progress, it gradually showing precise discipline, human body, sensor identification, ultra-flexible, powerful learning and self-maintenance ability. Currently, professional and technical personnel gradually try to intelligent manufacturing machinery applied to the reality of social production to go, and replaces the human role in welding, palletizing, sorting, piers and high-risk work environments increasingly obvious, and its high accuracy and speed , long working hours, the liberation of labor and low-cost manufacturing operation and other features more and more popular.
The rise of intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing strategies into mainstream
In the Ministry of Industry issued a “high-end equipment manufacturing industry,” second five “development plan” put forward in 2015 the output value of high-end equipment sales accounted for the proportion of the equipment manufacturing industry will reach more than 20%, the estimated annual sales value will reach 6 trillion million. Among these, the intelligent manufacturing equipment is one of the key direction of “Twelfth Five-Year” period. According to the State Information Center predicted as an important area of intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing equipment, in the “Twelfth Five-Year” period will remain above 25% annual growth.
Since the financial crisis in 2008 the global economy suffered a major challenge, but it also brings opportunities. Some industrialized countries have to compete for the commanding heights of the economy as the country’s strategic focus, innovation and investment in science and technology as an important strategic investment, the development of high-tech as the main feature of the strategic emerging industries to promote economic and social development as a strategic breakthrough. Intelligent mechanisms and boosting the manufacturing technology spawned the development of strategic emerging industries to some extent; it is to support the development of strategic emerging industries, to enhance the international competitiveness of the core.
In the “Twelfth Five-Year” period, the food machinery industry’s goal is to focus on mainstream products to achieve intelligence, information control level, in particular, to achieve local and remote intelligent control. In recent years, with the development of the fierce competition in the market and information technology industrialization, food machinery intelligent manufacturing become a necessity to meet the needs of today’s food industry.
Intelligent Manufacturing in the machinery industry in good shape, it also gives the food machinery industry to bring enlightenment: an invincible position in the competition, companies must use advanced technology to enhance their strength. Intelligent Manufacturing became the sole direction of the current transformation of China’s food machinery manufacturing industry in support of policy, the next few years, intelligent equipment industry will maintain rapid growth prospects.

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