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Manufacturing high-end products, and enjoying healthy life


Home is where the water, having a feeling we will know how to be grateful. ASG Group keeps focus on healthy drinking water and security as a primary production standard to their own requirements. Leading the development of Chinese drinking water packing industry for the cause of healthy drinking water, and the development of national packing aquaculture contribute their efforts.
15th DEC 2012, the National stereotypes packaged drinking water industry seminar nationally food safety standards in the industry exchange meeting was held in Shanghai, which briefed the deputy director of the Ministry of Healthy Supervision Center and the China Association executive vice president of national health speech. ASG Group also had a speech as the high-end water equipments strategic partners, analysis the development and trend of the packaging machineries. The meeting also commended the Chinese packaging aquaculture from small to large process, which made outstanding contributes for Chinese healthy drinking water and national packaging development. Meanwhile, motivate our industry who continues to do honor to assume the mission of development of the industry, and promote the development of healthy drinking water utilities and progress.
As a major agenda of the meeting, the 16th in the afternoon, the National stereotypes packaged drinking water industry experts fifty people came to the line of Jiangsu ASG group toured the ASG’s workshop, ultra-clean production lines, skilled employees are working commended, watched the stars a video promo of stereotypes and packaged drinking water industry development plan, has deepened the understanding of ASG, experts believe that the ASG will be in the future as stereotypes of drinking packaging industry to make greater contributions.
Jiangsu ASG Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd. was identified as the high-water equipment R & D and manufacturing base (the only one in the country), and held a grand awarding ceremony, ASG Group actively participated in the state’s drinking water health standards and revision and actively promote the whole industry, “safety, hygiene, health,” the philosophy of providing the best quality high-end security equipment in China and the world’s drinking water production enterprises, to contribute to the cause of human health.