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PET packaging highlighting environmental advantages of promoting the development of the food packagi

Food packaging is an integral part of the food commodities. One of the food industries in the process of major projects. It protects the food, the food leaves the factory to the consumer in the hands of the circulation process, to prevent biological, chemical, physical damage to external factors, it may also have to maintain the quality of the food itself stable function, it’s convenience food consumption, appearance is the first performance of
food to attract the consumer’s image, has value beyond the material cost. Therefore, food packaging process is also food manufacturing systems engineering inseparable part.
Packaging for the healthy development of the food industry has an important role. Under the influence of environmental awareness, food packaging and packaging industry is moving towards a green direction. When the development of eco-economy has become the common aspiration of the world, many countries have developed a PET packaging recycling technologies, as early as 1991, has recycled PET chips used in food packaging.
China also began to join this big project. It is understood that Beijing will be in the lead in the use of renewable raw materials as PET food packaging. Currently in China, all PET bottles are all made from refined from petroleum raw materials from virgin PET.
First domestic renewable food-grade PET chips production enterprises realized a surplus of renewable resources company from virgin PET material PET bottle to bottle recycling waste into recycled PET bottle grade chips and used PET bottles recycled product closed-loop feedback , re-use patterns, and reached the standard of review the Ministry of Health and the State Administration of quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which are food-grade recycled PET chips standards, can be used for the production of food packaging.
Systech company official said Zhao Yan, a surplus of the original raw material PET-PET bottle – post-consumer waste bottles – renewable raw-PET bottle grade PET bottle production line of recyclable PET bottle processing 50,000 tons of waste per year, reaching full Beijing abandoned 40% PET bottles of the total, and manufacturing materials recycled PET bottles can be used for 2.5 million tons.
Within the scope of Beijing, the total waste PET bottles up to 150,000 tons per year, about 6 billion waste plastic bottles, causing great harm to the environment. As manufacturers of PET chips reproduction technology, regenerative food grade PET chips can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% recycling infinite, PET plastic bottle recycling renewable saving the consumption of oil resources.
At present, domestic PET bottle production enterprises both large enterprise to have the well-known companies in the world manufacturing the most advanced automatic PET bottle production line, while also using a lot of our own design and manufacture of various degrees of automation simple, practical two-way PET bottle blowing machine SMEs, showing an unprecedented flowers are blooming, flourishing situation.
With the improvement of the economic development and trade policy, the market potential for recycled PET products will gradually appear, the companies will enter the industry, more and more companies want to maintain their competitive advantage, we must increase research investment, promote the upgrading of product structure. Also, pay attention to environmental protection in the production process, to avoid secondary pollution, truly unified social and economic benefits.
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PET plastic bottles are not only widely used for packaging carbonated drinks, water, juice and tea drinks, etc., is the largest use of beverage packaging, and is widely used in many fields of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging. PET plastics have wide application in the field of packaging, whether packaging film, sheet, or beer bottles, PET plastic are used. According to statistics, in recent years, the global production of PET can be an average annual rate of about 9% expansion, while domestic PET production capacity had more than 20 million tons in 2008, becoming the world’s PET production, consumption superpower. Due to the increasing social demand, the rapid growth of the global production of PET polyester and PET products are mostly disposable consumer goods, followed by a large number of PET wastes.
Chemically inert waste PET material is strong, not easy to be a short air or microbial degradation, ecological and environmental protection which society has caused tremendous pressure.
Therefore, recycling of PET plastic bottles can not only solve environmental problems, but also can be used as a new raw material resources, alleviate the shortage of Chinese PET material contradictions. Yes, the back of China’s reform and opening up 30 years, although China in the economic field has made remarkable achievements, but also to China’s environment pose a very serious damage. Water pollution, air pollution, and so on. Brought to China’s economy has shrunk.
People also come to realize the problem, and the corresponding proposed walking path of sustainable development, green GDP strategy, the cycle of economic strategy, and so on a series of measures. Thus, recycled PET plastic bottles realistic problems facing China, for environmental protection, resource conservation, sustainable development has great benefits.
The main purpose of PET recycled fiber is recycled. According to statistics, in 2007, of the application of recycled PET fiber use reached 89%, widely used in clothing, furniture, shopping bags, office supplies, household goods, civil engineering materials. As autumn Guangdong Sheng Resources Corporation is one of the production of recycled fiber-based environmental typical enterprise, the company is committed to the development of renewable polyester staple fiber production and sales, the main products include recycled cotton-type, long type, hair type, hollow polyester staple fiber, nearly a hundred varieties of product specifications. As a resource recycling enterprises, autumn Sheng resources in the production process also attaches great importance to environmental protection, the voluntary implementation of cleaner production and cleaner production has passed the acceptance, by the Guangdong Provincial clean production enterprises. Companies seeking economic benefits are understandable, it is commendable that the enterprise to maintain the ecological environment as a precondition, waste recycling society, using technology to transform waste, creates new value, and focus on protecting the environment in the production process, the initiative to undertake social responsibility to protect the environment.

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