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Carbonated Beverage Machine

carbonated beverage equipment

carbonated beverage machine

Carbonated beverage machine‘s bottles are transmitted to the “Washing machine” of the Triad Isobarometric Filler by the “Bottle-feeding thumb wheel” via the “air conveyor”. The “Wash gripping dial” of “Washing machine” grips bottleneck and turn 180°along a guide rail that makes bottleneck adown. The special nozzles spray wash water to clean interior of bottles in the given area.  After cleaning and drying, the “Wash gripping dial” turns bottles 180°again along the guide rail that makes bottleneck up. These cleaned bottles are put out from the “Washing machine” and transmitted to the “Filling machine” via the “Bottle-turning star wheel”. These bottles entered  the “Filling machine” are folded by bell jars and elevated up to touch with filling valve by the lifter cylinder. Before entering filling machine, there is a button for inspecting bottles on the steel thumb wheel. It sends the bottle signal to control the opening valve mechanism, then the filling valve would be opened. The filling shall be started while air injection is reached to state of equip pressure. The filling could be stopped automatically when the liquids level reach to the height of air return pipe. The filling valve is closed recur to valve-closing mechanism after filling. Then air is discharged and the complete filling process is finished. Bottles full filled come down to be off filling valve under the function of cam and be put into the “screw capper” via transitional thumb wheels. The bladed stopper on the “screw capper” locks the bottleneck to keep bottles erectly and avoid rotating. The “screw cap head” keeps revolution and rotation on the “screw capper” and carries out these movements of cap picking, cap covering, screw capping and cap unhitch etc. after that whole capping process is finished. The “cap aligner” is situated above the “screw capper”, Carbonated beverage equipment is connected with the cap pan of “screw capper” via the cap sliding rail. The finished bottles are transmitted to the bottle output conveyor chain via the bottle output thumb wheels. And which are transmitted out from the Triad Isobarometric filler by conveyor chain and put in the next process.

carbonated beverage machinery  carbonated beverage filling machine  carbonated beverage filling machine

Carbonated Beverage Machine Characteristic:

  • There are some features such as compact conformation, good shape, cozy operation, excellent automaticity and poor labor intensity.
  • We adopt air conveyor bottle feeding technology and screw feeding technology. Easily change the bottle change over parts.
  • Carbonated beverage machine adopts the blocking bottleneck technology to convey bottles. It does not adjust the height of equipment when the type of bottle is exchanged. According to the diameter of bottle, you could exchange corresponding nylon elements such as arc slipper guide, thumb wheel etc..
  • Those stainless steel bottle nips of wash are designed especially and are solid and durable. It does not touch thread position of phialine, in order to avoid the second pollution.
  • All of parts directly contacted with material are adopted with food stage stainless steel without dead angle. So they can be cleaned easily.
  • Adopting pneumatically actuated butterfly valve to control the inlet flow rate of liquids. It can keep the slight turbulence of liquids level in the solution barrel and ensure the accuracy in filling.
  • Carbonated beverage machine opening valve mechanism is driven by the cylinder. According to the bottle signal, it opens timely, exactly and reliably.
  • High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.
  • Carried perfect CIP control loop and program and cleaning devices on the spot.
  • The “capping head” is adopted magnetic-constant-torque device to ensure the high capping quality without damages.
  • Adopting efficient cap settling system, it is carried perfect cap feeding and protection device
  • Carbonated beverage machine is adopted spiral descent mode for the support plate of bottom of bottle at the outlet thumb wheel. For exchanging model of bottle, it is not necessary to adjust the input height.
  • Carried the perfect protection system to overload, it can be used to protect facilities and operators efficiently.
  • Because of applying touch screen for operation, it is possible to realize man & machine conversation whereas the status of device running is clear at a glance.
  • The primary electric components such as touch screen\PLC\transducer etc. are adopted with well-known import products.
  • All of these air control components are adopted with well-known import products.