Rich and diverse opportunities for growth
1.Rotation: staff rotation system, so that employees are fully enhance their professional skills in different positions;
2.Reorientation: excellent work in their posts on the basis of personal willingness to engage in other positions work, when there is a corresponding vacancies, you can apply for job transfer;
3.Competition: When a company has an important sector vacancies, and no suitable candidates within the department, all employees have the opportunity to participate in competition;
4.Internal Assessment Qualifications: Qualifications annually to implement internal assessment in all professional series, professional development for staff to build the ladder;
5.Job rotation and deputy attachment: to provide excellent opportunities for job rotation and managers sending deputies to help expand the potential cadre management skills, a higher perspective, a more comprehensive and systematic thinking and problem solving.
This is a lively betony, which is a promising field, where every employee is a gold mine company, the company attaches great importance to people, and always adhere to the people-oriented, and constantly motivate, train a large number of high-quality personnel. Truly utilized, can make the best use, and establish a higher or lower, can be hired for employment mechanism, for the majority of staff provide a stage to showcase their talents.

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