President’s oration

ASG along the way, with forwarding steps more robust and gallanthas received continued support from party and  overnment organs and social groups concerned, the most efficient way to reward such love is to make our enterprises bigger and stronger, and in our own way to become more involved in social welfare, compassion and civic and community progress. As ASG people, we always keep in mind our own ideals: enterprises bigger and stronger, and contribute our strength for local economic and social development. It is ASG shouldering social responsibility of business. Love and reward society, employees, it is important mission to ASG business.
Value in ASG, business in ASG, hope in ASG! ASG is a dream of ASG employees enterprise, ASG is a fusion of the ASG people wisdom and sweat, condensation of our youth and our career. New journey has begun, let us with a strong sense of history and the sense of mission and responsibility, self sublation, self-transcendence, drive ASG completes a new historic leap.
Future is unbounded, focus can go a long way, let our hands side by side, with hard work and sweat to cast ASG a new brilliance.



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