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Juice Filling Equipment


Juice Filling Equipment Description
Juice(Tea) is a liquid (drink) that is naturally contained in fruit and vegetables; Juice filling equipment is commonly consumed as a beverage. Juice filling equipment is production lines that fill a product, generally a beverage, into bottles on a large scale. In a juice bottling line, a juice washing, filling & capping monoblock plays the most important role.
Juice Filling Equipment also called as Juice washing, filling & capping monoblock, juice washing filling & capping triblock, or abbreviated as juice filling machine, juice bottling machine, tea bottling monoblock, juice filler, can cope with a wide range of different filling process, including hot & cold filling, moderate temperature filling, etc. RXGF series juice washing, filling & capping machine production capacity range from 3, 000 to 48, 000 bottles per hour. In some cases, ASG Machinery’s juice bottling triblock can also be used as water or other non-carbonated drinks bottling machine.


Juice Filling Equipment Main Compositions:
1. Transmission System;
2. Bottle conveyor system;
3. Air control system;
4. Protective doors and safety devices;
5. Electrical Control System;
6. Rinser;
7. Filler;
8. Capper;


Main Features of RXGF series Juice Washing, Filling & Capping Triblock:
1. Cold & hot filling are possible;
2. All parts that have direct contact with drinks are made by 316L stainless steel, all sealing parts are made by imported EPDM rubber;
3. Computer-controlled filling system;
4. Fast processing of different bottle mouth diameter;
5. Circulation channel for keep the product hot;
6. Micro-biological safety filling by using a multi-chamber principle with a separate return-gas discharge;
7. Cleaning in a closed circuit using automatic CIP cups;


Our Commitments:
1. Worldwide services;
2. Customized and tailored design;
3. Full system planning;
4. Fast supply of spare parts;
5. Turn-key systems.

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