Dairy product solution

Dairy product

Definition of dairy product
Dairy is processed by fresh cow (sheep) milk as the main raw material. Including: liquid dairy (sterilization dairy, acid milk dairy and formula dairy); milk dairy powder (full fat milk powder, skim milk powder, full fat plus sugar milk powder and seasoning milk powder, infant formula milk powder and other formula milk powder); condensed milk dairy (full fat pale condensed milk, full fat plus sugar condensed milk, seasoning/modulation condensed milk and formula condensed milk); dairy fat (dilute cream, cream and no water cream); cheese (original cheese and remade cheese); other dairy (casein, lactose and whey powder).
Main dairy product processing equipment in ASG including: pretreatment system (multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, ion exchange, micro-porous filter), membrane separation system (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, Nano-filter unit), electrodialysisequipment, sterilization equipment (ultraviolet equipment, ozone equipment)

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Dairy product

Jiangsu ASG Packaging Machinery Group Co., Ltd provides comprehensive packaging solutions: relative to a single equipment, we pursue the turn key production line of liquid products “aggregate” efficiency and capacity; relative to a single production line, we focus on covering most of the beverage and dairy plant design and integration.

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