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Aseptic cold filling machine

Aseptic cold filling equipment


Equipment profile:

March 28, 2000 marks our pioneer in 36000BPH aseptic filling line, with support from Guangdong Robust Group. A first PET aseptic filling line in China, incorporating the latest international technology in this area.


Technical features:

• Multi-Wheeled disinfectant spraying and cleaning technology, to ensure process safety.
• Mechanical or electronic pulsed nozzle, taking into account the reliability and stability and water-saving performance.
• Non-contact filling head, to avoid cross-contamination, ensure microbiological safety.
• Electronic sensor flowmeter volumetric volume, accurate and reliable.
• Aseptic capping machine, self-lubricating ceramic bearings, optional servo motor driven capping machine.
• Disinfectant soak type or on line jetting type cap sterilizer.
• Automatic process detection, control and data report recording system, aseptic monitored to all the key step of production line.
PETaseptic fillingsystem consistsof the followingsubsystems:
• Sterilizing solution blending system
• Empty bottlessterilizationunit
• Caps sterilization unit
• SterilematerialsUHTsterilizationmachine
• Sterilematerial storageandconstant pressure system
• Sterile water UHTsterilizationmachine
• Sterilecompressed air/nitrogen preparation
• CIP/SIP system
• Sterileisolation system
• 百Cleanroom
• COP/SOP Sterile areaCOP/SOP
• Exhaust gas treatment system
• Liquid sealsystem
• Puresteam generator
• Liquid nitrogen addingsystem
• Aseptic 5 in 1 filling machine
• Entire lineautomatic control system
• Technical parameters monitoring and recording system

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