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Palletizing Robot


Palletizing Robot Profile :
Palletizing robot mainly for packaging application design and optimization, palletizing robot is a small, can be integrated in the compact packaging machinery, and can meet your all requirements in reach distance and payload. With motion control and tracking performance, the palletizing robot is very suitable for application in flexible packaging systems. This palletizing robot and water filling machine, juice filling machine, carbonated beverage filling machine can be combined into full automatic beverage production line.palletizing-robot-1


High reliability——Running time is long
Fast speed——Operating cycle time is short
The palletizing robot is designed for packaging application optimization design, with unique motion control function, greatly shorten packingcycle time
High precision——Parts production quality is stable
The palletizing robot has a very high precision, and excellent tracking performance, whether operate in a fixed positionor movement, its up to precision are first-class.
Functional——wide range of application
The palletizing robot is designed for packaging application optimization design, small size, high speed, payload of up to 30 kg sturdy and durable——Suitable for bad production environment
Suitable for harsh environment applications, IP Grade is 67
Good commonality——Flexible integration and production

The palletizing robot is light weight, low height, easy to integrate in the compact packaging machinery. Special optimization have been carried out according to package applications, is the inevitable choice of robotic automation. Equipped with a full range of ancillary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to grasp feeder)

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