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UHT Pipe-type

UHT Pipe-type

Fruit juice beverage after blending need sterilization before filling, method of heat sterilization is one of the most common process. According to different product feature, the different of subsequent matches the filling process and the shelf-life, you can choose ultra high-temperature sterilized(UHT) or high temperature short time sterilization(HIST). UHT, usually referred to above 130 ℃ stay for a few seconds, HIST, a typical process is 95 ℃ stay for 30 seconds. No matter what technology, the structure and working principle of both is similar, there have heating and temperature keeping function.
The form of heat exchanger has plate type, column pipe type, corrugated pipe type and so on. For the pulp particles and high viscosity product, it must use tubular heat exchanger to prevent clogging. At the same time, the bearing capacity of tubular heat exchanger is stronger, but the manufacturing cost is higher than plate heat exchanger. For cloudy juice or fruit juice drinks containing milk, we recommend the pipe-type UHT; for clear juice beverage, can adopt model of plate heat exchanger. UHT/HIST main part of the unit: Steam heating unit(Steam heat exchanger and valve group), hot water unit(Hot water tank), A group of many sections of the heat exchanger, Keep the tube, product pump, hot water pump, balance tank, rack, piping and so on.


UHT Pipe-type

Plate-type UHT is PLC controlled, with optional capacity from 3t/hr to 20t/hr. The system works in aseptic section and normal section, for the technical requirements of filling at low temperature, normal temperature and high temperature. The seven-section heat exchanger ensures of cleaning and sterilization. Ultra-high temperature water is employed as the media for the heating of materials and temperature adjustment of filling exit, featuring high accuracy.
Main components are from world famous suppliers as Alfa Laval, APV., SPIRAX, SIMENS, FESTO, etc.

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