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Blowing-Filling-Capping Combine System

Blowing-filling-capping combine system

Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

Blowing-Filling-Capping Combine System Equipment overview

Blowing-Filling-Capping combine system is our company based on the success of the entire line-rich projects, integration of rotary blow molding, filling and capping three technologies through blowing process, filling technology, innovation and integration on the capping equipment and intelligence, realization of the entire container blow molding, filling and continuous process product seal. The equipment consists of the embryo, the embryo rationale, preform heating, blowing, filling, capping, electrical system constitutes an integrated six.
To 36,000 bottles / hour (500ml) water filling line, for example, compared to the traditional split technology, users can save water by more than 30%, saving electricity more than 15%, saving space for more than 60%, saving more than 20% of equipment investment, savings 15% or more operating costs.

Blowing-Filling-Capping combine system can production range from 8000 to 42000 bottles / hour could be selected.

Blowing unit of combine machinery
High-speed blow valve group with high-speed network control ensures blowing technic precision and unification.
Three-dimensional dynamic simulating design ensures exact and reliable cam transmission and mesh.
High-pressure blow valve group optimum design helps save air a lot.
Quick-change for mould.
Wearable aluminum alloy mould surface with special treatment of hardness.
Key points automatic lubrication.

Filling unit of combine system

High-speed and high-precision filling valve: 200ml/s, ±3mm.
Servo drive system
With CIP function

Capping unit combine system

Magnetic constant torque, defective rate≤0.2%
Reversal caps ejecting device
No bottle, no feeding cap.

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