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Condiment Filling Machine

ASG Machinery has a large share of condiments in China’s domestic market, and have been engaged in the design and manufacture of condiment filling machines for many years.ASG Machinery from China.We are the supplier of high quality filling equipment manufacturer and whole line program in China.



ASG has been always committing himself to offer packaging solutions for edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar and other liquid condiments, including different forms of containers made of plastic (PET and HDPE), glass, metal etc, satisfying your need of producing and packaging by offering different filling forms according to different species, volumes and capacities.
Condiment Filling Machine Capacity:5000BPH—36000BPH


Condiment filler adopting Single tank structure, low-vacuum count-pressure filling technology, control the foaming, leaking and fill level accuracy properly, the max filling speed of 80 valve machine reach 28000bph. Condiment Filling Monobloc is mainly used for soy sauce as well as edible oil, sweetened vinegar and distilled vinegar filling with PET bottles, HDPE bottles and glass bottles.


The filling valve, capping of condiment filling machines.


Condiment Filling Machine Video

Shanghai seasoning factory production scene video of condiment filling machines.



Condiment Filling Machine Pictures Display

Filling valve of  condiment filling machine.


Aluminum membrane capping of condiment filling machines.


Injection valve filling valve of condiment filling machine.


Injection valve filling valve of condiment filliers.


Condiment Filling Machine Technical Features:
Condiment filling machine’s air conveyor is directly connected with star wheel. The star wheel has the bottle separation function and bottle neck holding device. When the bottle size is changed, only few parts of spares need to be changed.
Bottle transferring is by bottle neck holding way. Few parts of spares need to be changed when the bottle size is changed.
The spraying nozzle makes rinsing water be sprayed by a setted angle, so the bottle could be cleaned completely and the rinsing water is saved.
The machine must be designed with corrosion resistance, long life, no lubrication, so as to decrease the cost.
The bottle-out star wheel is of screw down shape. When bottle size is changed, there is no need to adjust the transferring chain’s height, just change some arc and star wheel which will only take 10 minutes.
Making corresponding filling forms according to different materials, so as to satisfy the filing requirement, also, condiment filler can be cleaned with CIP circuit system.

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