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Condiments Filling Machine

Condimentsfilling equipment

Equipment profile:

GF series 2-in-1 filling machine is automatic filling and capping. It is suitable for all kinds of edible oil, juice, seasoning etc. This series products apply electronic measuring mode and special liquid component to realize low foam volumetric filling and can realize non-contact filling under all temperature condition. Adopt ALCOA capping technology to realize full direction COP cleaning. Production varies from 3000BPH to 40,000BPH.

Condimentsfilling equipment


GY series automatic oil filling machine


Suitable forfillingdemands of vegetable oil, fruit and vegetablesauceandsauceproducts, and alsosuitable for fillingparticlesdrinksand juices

Main structure

Gear,blowing dustsystems, fillingsystems, bottle conveying device, quantitativeguide, cappingsystems,electrical control,frame, etc.

Comprehensive Performance

Safety performance

Sterilehigh-pressure gasblowing dust

Equipped withautomatic faultshutdown function

Equipped with overload safety device

Equipment Efficiency

Filling tank level and inlet material automatic locking control

Using frequency control, running stable and reliable

Just need to change a few spare parts can apply for varies of PET bottle shape

Equipped withvacuumanti-drip device,effectively removeresidualdropletsto preventcontaminationof the bottle and equipmentsurface

Energy saving

When there is no bottle, no opening valve and no taking cap; when there is bottle, automatic opening valve and taking cap

Equipped with effective cap sorter, capping quality assurance

Operation and maintenance

Spare parts of material contact parts and out parts use high quality stainless steel

Use touch screen control system, equipped with functions like speed control, output count and etc

Technical features:

GY20-5 type edible oil filling-capping 2-in-1 machine, capacity: 5000ml(1000BPH)

GY30-6 type edible oil filling-capping 2-in-1 machine, capacity: 1000ml(5000BPH)

The machine useslow vacuumpressure filling, withfillingfast,filling valvewithoutdroplets,filling levelaccuracy and so on. Capping usingZALKINtechnology, vacuum sucking caps for easy replacement of caps.Hostfrequency control,speed can be adjusted.PLCcontrol,running condition is clear to be seen.

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