Bottle inverted sterilization chain

Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

Equipment profile:

DP Series Bottle Inverse Sterilization Chain is a special ancillary equipment of filling production line which developed by our company based on high temperature filling production line technology, it gives a tilt after filling and capping the products, using their own high temperature, in a certain period of time, for the second sterilization of caps to ensure that the quality of the products. Products in the course of transmission guide by two mutually perpendicular chain plate, automatic reversing bottles, sterilization delay, stand automatic, the whole process is smooth and reliable.
The main motor uses Japanese OMRON microcomputer control, speed is adjusted by frequency conversion. Transmission system using imported heat-resistant polymer material chain plate and stainless steel chain combination plate, surface smooth, wear small; installs heat rubber cover onwide chain plate , and ensure the smooth operation of the bottle. Adopt SUS304 stainless steel in fuselage manufacture, clean and aesthetic appearance.

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