Drinking water filling machine for barrel

Drinking water filling equipment

Equipment profile:

3-Gallon, 5-Gallon water production line

TXG series apply to 3-Gallon, 5-Gallon water production, with optional capacity from 300-1800b/h. Customerized service includes automatic cap puller, internal and external barrel scrubber, cap elevator and heat shrinker, etc.


Drinking water filling equipment1

Equipment profile:

1-Gallon washing-filling-capping production line
The line isdesigned forplastic barrel cleaning,filling and capping.Since it introduction of theEuropean advancedand maturetechnology, it is highly automatic, adaptable, easy operation, goodsafetyperformance, etc.,whichadvancedin a leadingposition in the domesticindustry with similarproducts.Theproduction line consists oflinearcontinuousdisinfectionwashingmachine,automatic linearfilling machine and automaticcappingmachine.
Thedevice is suitable forautomatic fillingfour litersof pure waterequipment,for a variety ofshapedbottles,continuously adjustablefilling volume, eachfilling valvecan be adjusted,the technology is the leader in the domesticindustry with similarproducts.

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