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Tea Beverage Filling Machine


Tea Beverage Filling Machine Description:
Tea filling equipment can be divided into: Green tea beverage filling machine, Black tea beverage filling machine, Milk tea filling machine.These tea filling machines are widely used in China.ASG Packing Machinery  a manufacturer of high quality filling equipment in China.


Tea Drinks Filling Machine Brief introduction:
Tea fillers set automatic cleaning, filling and capping 3 in 1, tea beverage filling machine is the introduction of German technology digestion and absorption, precision manufacturing, enabling aseptic filling, increase the thermostat system, replacing some components can be adapted to heat PET bottles, juice, tea beverage hot filling process requirements. The unit advanced technology, small footprint, compact structure, used only for non-carbonated beverages in PET bottles of various (such as mineral water, purified water, juice, tea, drinks, etc.) at room temperature or hot filling can also use vinegar liquid cleaning, filling. seal. Tea filling machine is the most advanced filling equipment.

Washing bottle part of tea beverage filling equipment.


Accurate flow filling valve of tea beverage filling machinery.


Capping machine of tea beverage filler.

Tea Beverage Filling Machine Feature:
1. The air conveyor and dial into the bottle directly connected technology, eliminating into the bottle and screw conveyor, easy to change the bottle is simple.
2. bottle bottle card technology used in all transmission, transform bottle no need to adjust the level of equipment, simply replace the bottle diameter related arc guide plate, dial and other pieces of nylon.
3. Specially designed rinser, bottle clip durable, high efficiency, good washing effect
4. High-speed large gravity flow filling valve, filling fast and accurate surface without liquid loss.
5. Out of the bottle bottom tray using the dial downward spiral manner, transform bottle shape no need to adjust the height of the bottle conveyor.

Reverse PET bottle, sterilization.


Tea drink mixing tank.

Tea Drinks Filling Equipment Technical Parameters:

Model Heads of washing, filling, sealing Production capacity(B/H) Suitable bottle height Spraying pressure Total power Outer Dimension
XGFR16126 16-12-6 3000-4000 H=170-320 0.25-0.3 1.5+0.37 2300x1680x2650 2600
XGFR18186 18-18-6 5000-7000 φ=50-100(330~1500 ml) 2.2+0.37 2500x1760x2650 3500
XGFR24248 24-24-8 8000-12000 3+0.45+0.25 3100x2100x2650 4650
XGFR32328 32-32-8 12000-15000 5.5 3800x2800x2650 6800
XGFR404010 40-40-10 16000-18000 7.5 4000x3300x3400 8500
XGFR484812 48-48-12 20000-24000 11 4850x3650x3300 1000
XGFR606015 60-60-15 24000-28000 15 6500x5400x3500 12500

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